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Pregnancy Yoga Class

Pregnancy Yoga: Nurturing Your Body and Baby

  • 1 h 15 min

Service Description

Are you expecting a little one and looking for a gentle and supportive way to stay active and connected to your body during pregnancy? Our Pregnancy Yoga class is designed with you in mind, offering a safe and nurturing space for expectant mothers to enhance their well-being and prepare for childbirth. Class Highlights: Gentle Yoga Poses: Our experienced pregnancy yoga instructor will guide you through a series of gentle yoga poses specifically adapted for you. These poses help alleviate common discomforts, promote flexibility, and strengthen your body in preparation for labour and delivery. Breathing Techniques: Learn how to use your breath effectively to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation. We will explore various breathing techniques that can be invaluable during pregnancy, labor, and beyond. Pelvic Floor Strengthening: Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles to support your growing belly, reduce the risk of incontinence, and assist with childbirth. Mind-Body Connection: Deepen your connection with your body and your growing baby through mindfulness and relaxation practices. This class will offer you a sense of calm and serenity in the midst of the pregnancy journey. Community and Support: Connect with other expectant mothers in a supportive and nurturing environment. We even have a group chat for coffee catch-ups! * All expectant mums are welcome. * No prior yoga experience is needed. * Bring a light snack for you to have after class to keep your energy levels up. * Yoga mats, bolster, blocks, and blankets are available in the studio, but you may choose to bring your own. * Wear comfortable sports clothing. * Bring a bottle of water. * Arrive 15 minutes before class. Please get a doctor's clearance to do yoga exercise and tell us of any injuries or concerns on arrival. Please note, our class time is 11:30am- 12:45pm (official finish time is 1pm).

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