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Mums/Partners & Bubs Yoga Class

This unique class is designed to support new parents on their postpartum journey with their wee one!

  • 1 h

Service Description

We're delighted to offer a nurturing space for both you and your little one in our Mums/Partners and Bubs Yoga Class. What to Expect: Gentle Postnatal Yoga: Our expert instructor, will guide you through gentle yoga poses specifically tailored for postpartum bodies. Embrace a practice that aids in restoring strength, flexibility, and overall vitality. Bonding Time: Cherish precious moments with your baby as you engage in yoga-inspired movements. This class fosters a special connection between you and your little one, creating a supportive environment for both parents and child. Mindful Relaxation: Take time for self-care as you participate in relaxation and breathing exercises. Our class emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, providing a space for mothers and partners to recharge and find balance amidst the joys of motherhood. Community Support: Connect with other mothers in a supportive community. Share experiences, tips, and build lasting friendships with fellow participants who understand the unique journey of motherhood. Comfortable Environment: You are welcome to stop and feed and attend to the needs of your little one through-out class. Class Details: For Mums/Partners and Babies (typically 6 weeks to 5 years old).

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