Yoga has become a practice of awareness, self-acceptance, and gratitude for Jennifer. She took the plunge 10 years ago and started developing her own yoga studio inviting her students to practice in a warm, comfortable environment.


Jennifer acknowledges that ‘one size does not fit all’ and embraces individual uniqueness. She has studied yoga extensively over the years, attaining knowledge within a wide range of yoga, which brings value to her teaching, workshops, and retreats. Her classes offer traditional yoga with a dose of creativity and fun!


She has a wonderful team at Anahata embracing her values and adding towards Anahata's student’s yoga experience. Jennifer looks forward to seeing you on the mat!


Hello!  I’m so excited to be part of your yoga journey.


Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years. Through my yoga practice, I have found freedom and release in the relationship with the mind, body, and breath. The experience of a yoga practice is forever changing, accepting the very moment you are in, being authentic, non-judgemental and compassionate with yourself and others – on and off the mat.


I completed my Level 1 200 Hours Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with the highly respected Lance Schuler of Inspya Yoga.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my experience as a teacher with you and be part of your yoga journey.  As a teacher, you are always a student of the practice.


I look forward to meeting in person, see you on the mat!


I love Yoga, and that led me to complete my teacher's training with Lance Schuler and his team from Insypa Yoga.


I have continued my yoga education with different teachers and different disciplines.  I practice both Yin and Yang yoga, both offer a great benefit to mind, body, and spirit.  I enjoy teaching and passing on my learning and look forward to seeing you on the mat.




I have been practicing yoga for 20 years.
I was introduced to yoga as a way to build strength and stretch after an overuse injury and after a few classes, I found that yoga quickly become apart of my life.


I have practiced different styles of yoga including Ashtanga and Yin and completed level 1 teachers training in 2014

The most rewarding part of being a teacher is watching students develop through their practice whether their reason for attending class is for developing strength, flexibility, mindfulness or relaxation.


I am so grateful for yoga to be part of my life and I am thrilled to be able to teach it to others as well. I completed a yoga teacher training at Ashram Yoda in New Zealand earlier this year and a number of years ago I also did a study through Inspya Yoga with Lance Schuler.


I enjoy teaching creative sequences with a focus on the breath.


I look forward to meeting you on the mat.




I started my yoga journey 11 years ago and have never looked back. Yoga has become one of my greatest passions and I love sharing and connecting with others through its art. I have been traveling and exploring the world for the last five years and have decided to ground myself in beautiful Wellington.


I have my 200 RYT yoga teachers certificate and trained in Asia. I am hoping to bring some fun, comfort, and enjoyment of your practice throughout my classes with Anahata. 


Looking forward to seeing you on the mat. 

Namaste Taryn


Working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for 30 years I have seen the benefits of incorporating yoga into my work on a daily basis.  So in 2014, I completed level1 Hatha yoga training. 


For me, the privilege of teaching yoga is about trusting that I have something to offer in my own way.  Yoga is a great way to manage your health, stay strong and flexible in body and mind.

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